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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Pennant Bunting

Yes I do realize this is not the first tutorial ever written on these pennant buntings, but everyone's is a little different and what works for some may not work for others. So, since I was making my own for the Fall season for my house, I decided why not write up a tutorial on how easy these are to make!

I bought 4 fat quarters, 1/3 a yard of the chevron fabric and two yards of muslin for the backing. You could use any fabric for the backing but I chose muslin for its nice beige color and because its cheap. Because I wanted this to go across my fireplace mantle I only bought one package of double fold bias tape. You can drape this across a food table, or your yard between trees, use it in a family photo, etc etc... So if you want it longer, buy 2, or 3, packages of bias tape. With the amount of fabric I bought, I ended up having enough fabric to do 3 buntings, except for the backing...I probably would need about 1/2 a yard more of the muslin.

When you unfold all of the fat quarters, they will have strong creased folds in them, and may not be folded perfectly in half.. I ironed all my folds out but kept them folded in half long ways matching up sides so they were even. 

Next you will need to mark your fabric at where you want it cut with marking chalk. I opted to have my marks at 10"and 20" across the top, with an imaginary mark at the 0, and on the bottom, at 5" and 15". 

Then your going to place your straight edge in the upper left corner (see above photo) where the first mark is at "0"...then place it diagonal going from 0 at top down to the 5" mark on the bottom of the fabric. Alternate going then from the 5" mark at bottom of fabric, to the 10" mark at top, then from the 10" mark at top to 15" at bottom and then back up to 20". Use your rotary cutter to cut along the straight edge of each line, producing triangles. I cut my muslin into ten inch pieces height wise, and it was 33" length muslin so I got 4 triangles out of each piece rather than 6 like out of the fat quarters. 

If you used fat quarters like I did you will end up with some triangles that have a fold in the top of them from being on the fold of the fabric, just cut those in half across the fold to produce two more triangles. 

Next you will match up your fabric pieces with your muslin pieces, or whatever fabric you choose for the backing. It's ok if sometimes the muslin and fabric doesnt match up exactly, you are going to concentrate on sewing them together but with the edge of your sewing machine foot up against the edge of the fabric.No need to worry about the muslin hanging out from underneath. It's going to get cut off later. Sew down both sides of the pennant. Leave the top open. 

When you have all of your pieces sewn use your pinking shears to trim close to the edge of the fabric being careful not to clip the stitches. 

Open up your bias tape and place the first pennant inside the fold. I left about 7" on the edge of my bias tape before putting my first pennant in. Slowly sew close to the edge of the tape, catching the pennant inside of it. When you get close to the end of the first pennant, add the second one in. You can choose at this point to butt them up to each other or leave a little space in between. I chose to butt mine up to each other. I highly recommend laying your pennants out first on the floor in a straight line to see how you want your pattern to be and what fabrics you want next to each other. This would also be the time to see if you want them butted up to each other or leave a little space in between each one. With doing it the way I did, with these measurements, I was able to get 10 pennants across my bias tape with a 7" tail on each end. 

And that's it!!! You did it! Such an easy project! Make them for every holiday! Having a party, make one for the party too! Now its time for me to finish up my mantle for the season!
Now who wants to win this bunting? I'm giving one away since I have extra left over..I just need to go pick up another package of bias tape first! Go become a member of my facebook group page and leave me a comment below this blog post that you did! I will draw a winner Tuesday afternoon 10/8/2013! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ruffle leggings!!!

Have you tried the basic knit leggings by Jocole? Jodi of Jocole is the master mind and genius pattern maker behind the PDF pattern company! She also happens to be an IRL, (in real life) friend of mine! I recently bought a cover stitch machine, and then let it sit.....for 7 months!!! Ha! I took a class, but the truth is, that when I brought it home, it terrified me... and then I had a baby, and then the kids got out of school, and then we moved, blah blah blah..one lame excuse after another plagued me...until one day , I just sent her a text and told her I was coming over!!! I was bringing my machine and making her make me learn how to use it!!! So we busted out her patterns, she printed me up a copy of  her new yoga A-line skirt. It has NINE length options!! Awesome!!! I whipped one up and then she made me hem it... 
Not bad!! I did it!!! So then I wanted to "play" some more with this awesome machine of mine!  So we printed up a copy of her Basic Knit Leggings in my daughters size.. I whipped those up and then decided to use my coverstitch to add some fun funky ruffles to the bottom of the leggings. These have a great rise, fit wonderful in the length, have an elastic waist so I was able to make them to fit her, and the pattern is way easy to follow... so much so, that I didnt even look once at the directions... if you sew, it's just putting pants together! Nice and easy!!! And her she is in all her craziness.. being a ham of course! 

You can see the upclose of the bottom of the leggings, we were just "playing around" when I made these, so I used a white thread..but I kind of like the contrast and will probably make all of hers in the future like this! Happy Sewing! And dont forget to follow Jocole on Facebook, Jodi puts a pattern on sale for HALF OFF every single Wednesday!!! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carnival Baby Shower!

I just wanted to share some creativity with you all on a baby shower I just had for baby #6 due very soon! I wanted a vintage carnival theme since I have fond memories of visiting the circus with my grandma when I was a little girl! Growing up, I was pretty sure I wanted to join the circus too! Guess this is the closest I could get, huh! Six kids is pretty much a circus in itself! LOL! It all started when I found these invitations! I pretty much made a mockery of myself with them! The amazing expanding (fill in the blank) Family! So funny! I had to have them! Once I had the invitation, I started to have a little vision! I knew it was going to be a small shower and my sister graciously offered up her house despite having a baby just a few weeks before! I found so much fun stuff online including water bottle labels, games, decor, etc! Here is how it all came together!

The tables were decorated with red tablecloths, pieces of burlap, fair tickets and marshmallow peanuts scattered around with little metal buckets of real peanuts! 
Candy Bar!!!
My candy bar included candy sticks, licorice, old fashioned hard candies, animal crackers, gum drops, gum balls, pixie sticks, sugar cookie wafers, salt water taffy, and marshmallow pops! 
My sister and I made the poms that hung from the tree using this tutorial
I had a nacho bar, a corn dog stand,and pretzels! This pic was taken before the food was put out. My food and drink labels came from this shop
Lemonade, paper straws, glass Coca-Cola, and IBC root beer made the drinks so festive!
A very special thank you to my friend Amy Jo for lending us her popcorn machine!  We filled it with popcorn and I got  the plastic popcorn containers to use! 
More pics of the drinks! In case youre wondering what the H is for..thats the first letter of the baby's name!  Water bottle labels were bought here! 
I found this awesome dress online at Target for Sadie! It's a Harajuku mini dress and was so vintage and perfect for the event! Shes gonna be such a great big sister!  Doesnt she just look like she's going to a vintage carnival?! 
Eating her corn dog, and drinking a root beer!  My brother in law also went way out of his way to get this awesome picnic table for the yard! The kids hung out and colored, played and ate at it! Thanks Ed!
No carnival baby shower is complete without popcorn cupcakes! AMAZINGLY EASY to make
Soft Baked Pretzels!! Yum!!
Corn Dogs from Wienerschnitzels! 
I set up a backdrop and got fun photo props!! I think the kids loved it! Here is Sadie with a few of her friends from the shower! They played with the photo booth for hours! 
Guess the Girth! 
Present time! 
Notice the little carnival tent in the background here..and the pennant hanging on the fence!!! Its the little details that count! The tent was filled with color books inside and activities for the kids to play with...it was Sadie size! I rented it from a local girl in Southern California! She has awesome rental stuff and great prices! 
My friend Michelle!
I caught Sadie taking photos of her friends at the photo booth with a disposable camera! She cracked me up how she popped her leg every time she took a photo! So girly!!! Not an easy task with FIVE brothers! 
High School friends!!! So good to see these girls! 
Just four of us...that's only half of my family for those trying to keep count! Ha!
It was a beautiful day and the weather turned out perfect! I got so many wonderful gifts and am so thankful! A little side note...the majority of this baby shower was actually put together with items that coordinated from my local dollar stores! The matching baskets for the candy and food, the decor, even a bit of the candy! Search out your local stores! Search those dollar bins...Michaels had some great circus stuff in their dollar bins I bought that went perfectly! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

My quilt is coming along....

Well if youre following along, you have already read my challenge to myself...to make a quilt!!! Wow! I definitely thought I wouldnt have as many problems as I did!!! I have become so accustomed to sewing with knits, these wovens just threw me for a loop!!! My biggest problem I think I was having,knowing how I am, is that I primarily sew for work...I rarely sew for "pleasure"...so when this quilt wasn't coming out perfect, I was having a hard time accepting the little mistakes and accepting it as a beautiful project that was my first quilt! I can tell you if it was one of the first things I had ever sewn in my life I would have been thrilled with how it came out... Anyhow, about 8 blocks in, I ran out of fabric, so it's not quite done but I just got out today to go get the rest of the fabric and so now I can finish this up! I found a place near me that will quilt it too for a very reasonable price! Yay! The first photo shows my solution to my points not matching up... don't cut the whole block down just quite yet! I opted to leave the ends on it, match the points up, then cut the remaining ends off of it to square it up! Totally worked!
This is my layout so far! Remember this is a herringbone quilt not a chevron quilt, so it isn't supposed to look like the beloved zig zag pattern we've all grown to love lately! (excuse these yucky cell phone pics)
So stay tuned to see the finished quilt top!(hopefully in a few days) In the meantime head over to the event and check out all the amazing projects so many people have made with this quilt block! Curtains, bags, dresses, clutches, ottoman covers, the list goes on! So much beautiful talent! Props to all you quilters out there! I gave them all a hard time when I was having trouble with my points, that I was going back to sewing the "hard" stuff...those knits nobody wants to ever touch!!! Ha!!!!! Happy Quilting!