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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Discarded Stars like Worn Out Cars Litter the Streets of this Town

Los Angeles......one of the spots I go to frequently in L.A. is what is referred to as downtown L.A....It is made up of different districts. Like, the fabric district, the toy district, the flower district, jewelry, etc...it's basically a bunch of blocks that have nothing but stores that specialize in whatever district you are in. I happen to frequent the fabric district...usually I am down there buying fabrics for my dance studio, but on this particular day I wanted to check out what they had to offer as far as knits go....downtown did not dissapoint!
Here is how a usual day is for me in the fabric district, and hopefully this post will help you along if you decide to make a trip there.
I always park at  little parking structure on WALL just before 9th. Just be careful that they don't stick you somewhere where you end up stack parked. I got stuck one time and they couldn't find the key to the other car...I was ticked to say the least.
It's always been an interest to me as to what is being made up in these windows...a designer gown, a test pair of pants???? Very interesting....there are a lot of buildings downtown that look like this...yikes..that means these people are working in NO air conditioning.
Bring along a cute baby with you...you'll get a better deal.....
Actually the truth is, unless you have a kid that will stay right with you, or a baby that lives in her Ergo , don't bring a baby with you at all...unless you have help. I don't have much of a choice usually, but most shops are tight and narrow and don't fit a stroller really well...My sister came with me this time around and stayed outside the shops with Sadie while I went inside and shopped. They had a little photo shoot outside of one store while waiting for me.
Want hawaiian fabric..this is the place to go! My fave store! Both for the dance studio and personal use!
Bring cash and lots of it!!!!!!! You'll never know what you're going to find and you can cut a better deal with cash. If you don't have a Seller's Permit, you can usally talk them into not charging tax if you have cash. Don't carry a purse either...I like to use a trendy little Guess hip pack, better known as yes...a fanny pack, but mine has bling on it! 
So many yummy minky colors!
Need a suitcase..how about an American Flag vest?
Sadie finally knocked out! She was such a good girl this particular day given the fact she had to stay in her stroller the whole time! Thank goodness for the hot dog carts all over that not only smell wonderful but also sell chips and juice and water....Sadie looooves chips....

When we left downtown, we stopped for a bite to eat 
and before heading home..headed over to American Apparel
That was it...I live about an hour away..so in order to avoid too much traffic, I got on the road before 3p.m. Made it home in about an hour and fifteen. Hope you can make it there soon! It's always worth it for me!
***sidenote....don't mind the bums down there, they are usally pretty harmless and stay away from the "shopping areas".

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