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Monday, August 16, 2010

Covered Flip Flop Tutorial

I fell in love a few months ago with this blog. Alisa Burke has some of the coolest tutorials and projects....I wish I had more time in my day..anyhow, this was one project that I knew I could find time for. Her tutorial is called Altered Flip Flops, and you can find the full tutorial here . My version is pretty much the same thing...I just don't have the time for hand dying my own fabric like she did before they were scraps..LOL..it's a little something called, five kids! But i did have some scraps from my hooded towels  that I could use...I also pulled my fabric a bit tighter than she does...but to each is to own....how cute would these be on days when we are wearing a plain pair of jeans or shorts with just a solid top...these really turn boring clothes into a cute outfit!
Get a pair of flip flops..( I got mine at Wal-mart for a buck or two)
Cut strips of fabric about four or so inches long by 1/2 to 1 inch wide..don't be precise about it...let it be messy and uneven
Sew them in strips on a sewing machine with lots of "messy stitches" as Alisa says
(I sewed mine on a backing of a coordinating fabric)
cut off a piece to wrap around the front of the flip flop...the part that goes between your toes, sew it up with lots of embroidery thread being totally careless about the "neatness" that goes into it..you want it to have a "raw" messy look to it...
then cover the sides of the straps and sew the same way you did at the toe
VOILA...pay no attention to the toes that need a pedicure please...

For the full tutorial click here..she does a much better job explaining it!
Have fun and share your pics with me!

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