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Friday, August 6, 2010

My new sewing room

So, It's been hard for me to get this blog up and off the ground..but I'm finally starting to get things together around here...I moved a few weeks ago, and not just moved..but a family of seven to another state kind of move....So I wanted to start by sharing my new sewing room. This house is big enough for me to have my own space...yes no more sewing on the dining room table, no more fabric all over my house because my one year old took it on as her "lovey"...It's still a work in progress and I look forward to adding to the room with artwork of my own or inspirational pieces hanging on the walls..a bulletin board full of ideas and a file box full of orders...but for now..I'm just trying to make it feel comfy and mine...
Here is one side of the room with a view of my cutting table and how my sewing tables are set up..it's hard to take pics in a room...but you get the idea...
The view of my serger table

Another wall with my shelves and cupboards and bulletin board
..and then I have this great little walk in closet with all these built in shelves and rods..
so I got my t-shirts for upcyling put away...yes I have a small obsession now with tee's thanks to Lil Blue Boo
 ...and of course along with that comes my knit fabric obsession too...
That's it for now..I can't wait to get started on more items to put in my Big Cartel Shop Happy sewing all!!!

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