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Monday, September 13, 2010

What a waste.........

Did you know that according to faircompanies.com, In the US alone, more than 20 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year (1 million in the UK).So by simply recycling clothes as a source material, we not only avoidthe waste involved in manufacture (even for organic cotton and bamboo,this is significant), but we prevent more landfill waste so refashioned fabrics could be considered net negative waste materials. 

So to do my part, I decide that my hang tags would be made from my scrap fabric. I figure, I'm not only saving a tree by not using more paper, but I'm helping by using up every bit of my fabric...I aim to only keep one plastic storage bin full of scraps. When it starts overflowing, it's time to find a new home for them...so here is my tutuorial on how I use my scraps to make hangtags.
First, I find a decent size scrap, they usually wind up being sleeves, or the bottom of shirts, since Im usually cutting the graphic out of the shirt...but I think they make cool hangtags because of the "seams" on them.
Then you take an eyelet setter, I just bought mine at Jo-anns in the notions area, and punch a hole through the fabric...it will look like nothing happened,but when you put the eyelet in, you will see that it actually did make a hole.
Next put the eyelet through the hole you just punched.
Then place the eyelet with the fabric, back onto the eyelet setter with the "top" of the eyelet, or the "side that you want to be the top" facing down, or onto the plastic part of the eyelet setter.
Squuuueeeeeeze tight!

Now you have your hangtag..to finish it off, I printed off what I wanted my hangtag to say, in my case it is a brief explanation of my dresses. I print it onto transfer paper,I use this transfer paper (don't forget to print it in mirror image)
 Cut it out, iron it on
......and VOILA....a hang tag..I thread some ribbon through mine, add a safety pin and pin under the armpit of all of my garments! 
......But, I don't make any garments......well, I bet you do celebrate Christmas or gift giving of some sort? Why not make your own card, or gift tag? Merry Christmas from so and so.........explain it later..they'll think you're so cool, creative, and GREEN! Happy Crafting!

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babycakesbybrooke said...

I LOVE this! Super cute idea :)