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Friday, December 17, 2010

Channel 3 Your Life A-Z filming

Danica, the shop owner at Pink House Boutique where Night Owl clothing is sold, asked me a few weeks ago if I was available to do a segment filming for Channel 3's Your Life A-Z. She also knows how limited my babysitting is for Sadie,so she mentioned that she wanted to have her as a part of the segment also! How excited was I,,,,not just my clothing, but my daughter on T.V. too!!!! Yippee! So, we went to the studios this morning in Phoenix...I brought along a dress I made Sadie that I thought would film well and show off the uniqueness of my clothing. There was a model there named Jenna wearing a skirt from my adult line. Here are a few pics of getting ready this morning and then a few in the studio...I tricked Sadie into thinking I would go get her a drink and then walked out, leaving her to film with Jenna, Danica and the other models...she is really attached to  my leg and  I was concerned that she would cry for me the whole time. When filming was over (which was about an hour), the girls brought her out and said she was "perfect", and stayed perfectly still and quiet the entire time! WOW was I impressed....we were told that there wouldn't be an internet link,so were going to just have to DVR it...I'm going to see if we can film it with my Flip from the T.V. and then get it on here!
 Danica getting her makeup done
Danica and Bri Bridge
 Checking out a purse that will be spotlighted
 Jenna who modeled this cool upcycled Amsterdam skirt I made and Sadie modeling her Wheaties upcycle!
 Discussing things
 more talk

 Sadie running around playing and Jenna modeling my skirt.
 Looking through the big glass doors waiting to be taken in to the studios.
 So pretty!

Jenna holding Sadie while setting up to film

 Getting it all set up inside the studio

and at the very end...me and my baby girl! When I lean over this top makes me look twenty sizes larger than what I am..LOL...guess I should have stood straight up...oh well, LOL.

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