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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Minute Gift!

Need a last minute gift???? I've been so busy, I forgot that I always get my kids teachers a little something during the holidays..didn't realize tomorrow is the last day before the kids go on vacation! I like to give handmade much more than store bought..this is an oldie but goody,and my spin on it. I've seen this done many times with photos but here is a fun way to use rubber stamps.

First get three or four different pieces of color coordinating scrapbook papers. I just dug through my scraps from a card box I made a few years ago.
Use four stamps. I used these from a Stampin' Up  set that I bought years ago, but you can use any stamps, have your child draw something, or use photos, or four pieces of paper, such as four different school papers for the teacher, horse papers for the horse lover, flower design papers for the gardener, etc...I just wanted to use stamps.

I used black ink to stamp my image, but you can use different colored inks that match the paper. Experiment with color mixing and matching! Make sure you use an ink that will dry quickly, some "craft" inks don't dry as fast.

 Use a circle punch to punch out your image. A trick to making sure you get the image centered correctly is to turn your circle punch over so you can see the image.

Go through your little glass gems,(I got mine at the dollar store), pull out all the bigger ones.

 Use a clear dimensional adhesive usually found in the scrapbook section at craft stores. It's made to glue embellishments on and dry clear. You can either put it on the paper after your ink is dry, or make a swirl on the underside , the flat side, of your glass gem. Stick the gem on the paper and make sure its as centered as possible if you're using a stamped image. Press down to remove the air bubbles.

 Use E6000 glue and place a small amount on the back of a magnet also found at  craft stores.
When everything is dry, trim around the edge of the paper because a little may be sticking out from the smaller gems.

Place with a little tissue in a small themed box. I got mine 2 for $1 at my local craft store, and then 60% off because it's so close to the holidays! See, I get good deals even though it's last minute!

that's it.......now hurry and run to the store..this whole project hardly takes any time at all!

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