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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Glendale Glows 2011!

Every year at the end of the holiday season, before the millions of lights are taken down from Murphy Park, Glendale hosts an event called Glendale Glows! Being that I'm a new resident to Arizona, I had no idea what it was about, except that they would have hot air balloons in the streets...well being that I have never seen a hot air balloon up close, I saw this as a really cool chance! I also had to work that night, so I made the most of it! I have been in the shop long enough to know that these events that Glendale hosts are huge and well worth my time of being at the shop to talk to clients and promote my creations!

What festival is complete without the addition of extremely yummy food.....

or rides that will make your head spin!

face painting and a petting zoo for the kids! (and some adults too)

As it gets dark, the millions of lights that are placed in the trees and all over downtown Glendale, light up Murphy Park.
The hot air balloons were first laid out right in the middle of the streets!
 Then it was time to start filling them up! This is actually a pretty long process...I guess imagine blowing up an air mattress..kind of like that, except ten million times bigger!

As it inflates, it starts going up....
And then they start blowing the fire in it to keep it up...(this is the really cool part!)
And then...voila...it's up...I'm sure it's a lot more complicated than I am making it sound..but hey, this is my version....
As the balloons were put up all over the streets of downtown, I headed into the shop to "work"! Not sure if I can call it work, when I'm socializing with customers, hanging out with other designers...or with my sister who I brought to work with me, and made her model some clothes...

My sister modeling the comfy shirt with attached hood that I made her, and also a comfy shirt for sale in the shop! These shirts seriously are the most comfy thing ever...made to dress up with skinny jeans as seen here..or wear with some yoga pants and just lounge..either way, you can still look fashionable and be comfy! Not to mention it's an upcycle, so you're being "green" too!

 Channel 11 came in,and we managed to get some free press for the shop! Always a plus!

I love what I do for work, and I feel totally lucky to have found this shop of talented designers, and that the owner, Danica, believes in me and my work and wants me to succeed! Can't wait to see what this year brings me in life,at the shop, and as a designer!

1 comment:

Jennifer Musgrave Casas said...

Trisha! wow. i am sooo proud of you. your designs are fantastic. the shirts/sweaters beth is modeling are amazing. i love them! how do i order one? you're always up to something i admire. good job, sister.

keep it up :-)
and best wishes, girl!