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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Photos and a note about Fan Photo Friday!

I took my camera out this week and started playing around with it....I was a photographer long before I started Night Owl...but since my move to Arizona and the growth of Night Owl, I haven't had much time for this other love! I do have two photographers getting ready to do some work for me (as soon as I get them the clothes) but I felt like taking Sadie out to take some photos...I have started a small side project because Lord knows I need another project.... I am offering my photography services in exchange for the clothes I'm photographing. But in order to get started I figured I should photograph my own clothes first so others would have something to look at..... Here are a few of my faves from my shoot...BTW, shooting a toddler is NO FUN!...I'm just sayin...LOL! 

Also, a little note about Fan Photo Friday...I will no longer be changing the photo out on Fridays for the profile pic on Facebook, but rather I will be sharing it here on my blog! Please still continue to submit photos though on my Facebook page, as they brighten my day...it's kind of like Christmas.....I love your photos that much! Thank you to all who have shared! Here is what I received this week! Doesn't she rock her Sweetheart Dress!!!

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