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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

String has Strung

eerrrrrr, I mean Spring has Sprung??????!!!!!! Either way, I have a really fun, easy tutorial for you that even your older kids can help with and "make" their own fabric! When I was a kid, my family was visiting from Northern California which meant that we were taking a really BIG trip to Disneyland..we have a huge family so my mom was one of "those moms" that wanted us all in matching shirts....YES we were one of those families at Disneyland....oh well,,,,,anyhow, as I continue on this business venture, I try to think of tutorials for my fans that they haven't seen before or have long been forgotten. Which led me to remember the trip to Disneyland......

A plain tee shirt ( I used white), one that has a small stain on it is perfect.... and a board to go in between

String or yarn any size will do..it's up to you how thick or thin you want your art to be
Fabric paint

little cups or bowls to put the paint in
ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES****scissors, cardboard or cardstock, iron,lots of napkins(this is a messy project)

So now that you have your supplies, cut the string into various lengths, one for each color....

Dip one string into each color of fabric paint

As you take the string out of the paint push the excess paint down off the string

Drop the string onto the shirt letting it fall in a pattern that includes circles and curves and swirls

Place your cardstock on top of the string leaving the end that you were holding peeking out

Place your hand onto the cardstock holding it in place firmly but not too hard

Slowly pull the string out from under the cardstock

Keep pulling until you have completely removed the string 
Check out the cool design it left
Do this for every color paint you have, layering colors until you like what you see

Continue covering your shirt all over until you have the desired effect...try doing the sleeves too, or leave them plain for some contrast! Don't forget the back!

Now hang it up to dry...( I only covered part of my shirt because I am going to cut it up)
Heat set it when it's dry with an iron and that's it your'e ready to go be matchy matchy and let everyone know that you're part of THAT family!

Cut it up!
I used a pattern from Lil Blue Boo to make Sadie a skirt!

Unique, Original, One of a Kind!!
Now I have to admit that I love that this idea came from my childhood and my mom always tried to make things fun and original....and I have to admit that when we go to Disneyland, I dress my kids in really bright clothing so not to lose them....yes,.... I am one of those moms!

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