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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fan Photo Friday 3/18/11

Another week has gone by and once again my little fans did not disappoint...I received some of thee cutest pics by far this week..of course I always say they're the cutest every week. I just get so amazed sometimes that there are tons of kids out there wearing clothes that I make!...with my two hands!...Just know that my head is constantly spinning, constantly thinking, constantly wondering about what to make next and what fabrics to use with what shirts....Upcycling and this little business of 'eclecticness' (is that a word) has truly been a blessing to me! So Thank You for sharing these photos of your beautiful children! I will forever cherish them just like you do! With that said...here are this weeks photos!

Kandi over at The Baby's Bundle picked up these dresses for her daughter during the big ole 50% off sale! Isn't she so cute! 
 My friend Shannon in California had a dress made for her friend back in December for Christmas...she stole her friends college shirt that she wore when she played ball and had it made into a dress for her friend's daughter...isn't this little girl just scrumptious!!!

Lilliana Marie Designs  is selling hair clips in her shop..which I just got some for Sadie and I must say they are absolutely adorable....anyways she picked up this dress for her little Waldorf model...I must say..it is very chic!!!

Lil Miss Taylor didn't get pinched this year with her green color blocked upcycle! I love the look of color blocked dresses...just need to find more time in the day so I can make more!!!

and her mom pleading with her to take a picture to 'show Trisha'

...and she finally agrees!!! so cute!!!
I had asked a few people awhile back if anyone was interested in taking photos for me if I sent them a dress...a simple trade....Jennifer D. took on the challenge and here is her daughter in the Mustang Sally dress that she also purchased in the sale..
and here is the dress I sent her to be photographed..this isn't an upcycle but another style that I want to offer as soon as I can take some things off my plate....

Beatiful photos! Thank You again so much!!! Stay tuned for next week!!!

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