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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fan Photo Friday 3/4/11

I received some beautiful pictures from a lovely photographer that I did a trade with the other day. It is interesting since I'm a photographer as well that I would branch out...but I love other people's styles as well and I think it gives good variety to the many different types of clientel I have! Here are a few of my faves that Samantha Dalton of Love Through the Lens Photography took of her gorgeous daughter wearing a dress which became one of my most beloved dresses I've ever made. 
and look at this sweet little face.....
and Allison Hays another photographer that I didn't do a trade with but who used her mad skills, sent me in a pic to show off her son in his awesome upcycled hoodie...I just might have to use her photog skills soon too!

I also took my son out this week for a few photos of a favorite shirt of his that I reconstructed for a 'wacky' as he calls it, St. Patricks Day shirt. He loves to model and was still telling me yesterday morning..." oh man I should have done this pose..." If you haven't checked out my other little side show , check it out...basically I do trades in clothing for professional photos. So if you have a boutique and would like to have my son or daughter model any of your item, and receive professional pics please contact me! Here are a couple of my faves...I was going for the dirty grungy all boy, Irish country boy look.......(in the middle of the desert) hahaha

 and here are some adorable pics of little Miss T wearing her custom Ronnie dress for her Minnie Mouse Birthday party! Pics like these inspire me and make me wish I never got tired and that there were a million more hours in  the day to sew for all of you!

 If you have photos of your little ones wearing their favorite Night Owl gear, send me in a pic! I will feature you the following Friday! Have a great day!

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