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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fan Photo Friday 4/1/11

Happy April Fools Day!!! But it's no joke around here that Night Owl has some of the cutest fans you've ever seen! Take a look from this week and last weeks pics, since I didn't post last week....
I love this Beach Break dress! This was one of my first dresses I ever made and this little one loves sharks! She should be the hit of the beach this year!
You might remember the story from a few weeks ago...about my friend Jami from highschool and her brother..well here is a pic of her daughter Karlee in her custom Star Wars Dress! May the force be with her! By the way this beautiful photo was taken by another friend of mine from highschool...Laura B. from Watermelon Photography takes the most beautiful vibrant photos! If you live in the North Dallas area of Texas track her down! She will be well worth your money! She also ventures to Southern California a few times a year..so if you need any photos done, contact her about her next trip!

This little cutie now owns one of my fave dresses..who doesn't love zebra print and anchors???

And last but not least, this is my niece at her thirteenth birthday party! First off I cannot believe how fast she has grown up...reminds me that my second one will be thirteen in a few weeks...and also I am so happy that I was able to attend her birthday party! I haven't attended one in about ten years due to her moving to the East Coast and then to AZ and now here I am in AZ too! Yay!!! She was the first little girl in my life that I was able to spoil the heck out of  and get my girl fix, till I had my own nine years later!!! She is an awesome volleyball player and so I found it fitting to make her what else but something upcycled and with volleyballs on it! I used this tutorial and tweaked it a bit to make it a little more "professional" looking to make her a really fun backpack to carry water bottles, snacks, etc..to practice!

I also took scraps and made her a little makeup bag....she's thirteen now ya know!!! I filled it with all kinds of fun goodies like nail polish, lip gloss, Hello Kitty nail files, oil absorbing sheets.....all the good fun stuff girls love to have on hand! Happy Birthday my beautiful niece! xoxo
Happy Fan Photo Friday everyone! Get those pics in to me for next week!

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Henry Robinson said...

Hi Guys.... You are looking so nice in your first dress. Thanks!