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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Workspace!!

I have always loved to check out where other people live and work....and the environment that they surround themselves with....I love looking at Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo's workspace and dreaming of the day I have an entire casita or studio space to work with and fill up....In the meantime though, my formal dining room does the job! I just recently moved my workspace out of a tiny bedroom upstairs to my formal dining room...a good sign business is growing!!! My friend Melissa over at Nookie Scooter and MinhaBoneca just recently did the same thing..which got me to thinking..since I love looking at their pics...maybe you want to see mine!!!
So here it all is....this is where the 'magic happens" No it's not Ashley's workspace but it is mine, and I do love spending my whole day there!
This is where most of my shirts and the blues, pinks, oranges and yellow fabrics are stored

Black and whites, browns, greens, purples, rib knits and solids!
From the top down, more shirts, bins of buttons, ribbons, scrapbooking stuff, paints, inks, etc...,, striped fabric, bins of fabric seperated by color and way down below there is my box of screens for screenprinting

a small workbench, more storage, shirts and where I take my photos
drawers of tags, business cards, etc...and up above is shelves of more paint, paintbrushes, markers, scissors, and all kinds of little miscellaneous junk I keep in mason jars
two tables set up for my 'mail center' and the other one holds my laptop and paperwork that I'm working on
the cutting table
where the 'magic happens' All three of my babies!
A display rack shoved in the corner with all my latest creations hanging on it!
and upstairs linen closet that holds more sewing stuff, more fabric, more shirts, and a surprise clothing line coming this spring!
 That's it...I hope this inspires and encourages you to sit down and craft/sew your little heart out today!

1 comment:

Jessica Festa said...

I really have been inspired by you ladies! So creative! Congrats on ur move to the dining room!