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Friday, March 11, 2011

Story of the Week Saturday 3/12/11

So, I am starting a new 'day' with this blog called Story of the Week Saturday and basically the idea behind it is to post a story (which I always hope there is one) behind a dress that I worked on that week.  So here is the first featured story on Story of the Week Saturday.....

I grew up in Anaheim, CA. and went to highschool with a girl named Jami who recently found me on Facebook. I had to laugh when I saw her pics because I knew she immediately could relate to my life as a mom of four boys and a girl because she herself has three boys and then her sweet little daughter Karlee Jean...she immediately started asking me all about my business with upcycling and all about waldorf dolls to which I shared a ton of links with her like Minha Boneca. I knew we would have lots to share with each other over Facebook. I also think it's a funny little thing, this FB, because in highschool she and I weren't necessarily friends..we didn't not like each other..we just didn't really run with the same crowd always...although we knew alot of people in our same circles and we definitely knew each other....well you know how highschool is...Anyhow, she purchased a custom dress from me for her daughter and then was just hooked! Yay!!!..Then she asked me for her next custom almost immediately..now being that she is a mom of boys first, she, like me, loves her daughter but has a very special place in her heart for boys!!! She wanted a Superman custom(the first one was Darth Vader LOL) (for Karlee) LOL..well I just happened to have a Superman shirt..so I said sure...well a week or so went by and I got swamped with more orders held the HUGE giveaway and had the HUGE sale so I just hadn't got around to getting it done..she reminded me about it again to which I let her know she was on the list and I would get to her soon with fabric suggestions... then a few days ago she posted a video on her FB page...I sat down yesterday and watched it and bawled my eyes out like a baby.............. Jami's brother, Keith passed away March 6, two years ago. At his service there was a flower arrangement in the shape of a Superman logo. It turns out that Keith had been battling brain cancer for 8 years and her boys used to call their Uncle, Superman, because of how brave he was battling this terrible disease...Well nothing else seemed to matter at the moment except getting her custom done for her baby girl, Karlee, who never got to meet her handsome uncle....Superman.
Keith was a police officer and part of the O.C. swat team. 
The point of Story of the week Saturday is to share the uniqueness in what we are wearing...Night Owl doesn't just want to be about making clothes..I want to be a part of something special in your life...yes cute clothes are cute clothes...however, the uniqueness in all of us comes from our stories we share, our lives we live and the people that fill us with love and good memories. I hope that this dress brings nothing but good memories and thoughts to Jami and her family and baby Karlee Jean..I was honored to make it for her daughter!
If you have a shirt that means something to you consider turning it into something your family will treasure...and that you will love seeing your child wear!
Here is the beautiful video memorial that Jami and her husband put together to honor her brother!
and here is part two of the video

a few more photos..these are of Jami's kids in their police car! Just like their Uncle "Keiffs" car!

I hope you enjoyed my Story of the Week Saturday and that you're not bawling your eyes out too much..sorry about that.I just felt so compelled to share about this dress! I hope to bring you so many stories, sad, happy, beautiful and funny through the years! Thank you for reading!


Amanda Kay said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet story! The dress for Karlee turned out AMAZING!!!! I have a 4 1/2 year old son and my 17 month old daughter, I've always had everything BOY til she came along and I go through the same thing, wanting star wars and darth vadar and spiderman etc all turned into something girlie for her! ADORABLE!

Amie Kelp said...

What a story! I love this idea too! I can't wait to hear more of your Saturday stories! I hope there are lots of them for you! ;)