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Saturday, May 28, 2011


 Who's going to Hawaii this summer???? Anyone have a tropical vacation planned? Ok, so how about , Anyone DREAMING of a tropical vacation this summer? Well get ready then to shop for your vacation or shop like you went on vacation from the comfort of your home! Night Owl is getting ready to introduce a....drum roll please.....HAWAIIAN LINE!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am ssssssssssssoooooo excited for this! Let me back WAAAYYY up....

Way before I started Night Owl, I opened a hula dance studio..yes, I taught hula....I basically grew up dancing hula...I won't get into all the details but yes I am a white(ha'ole) girl with a hawaiian heart. It is part of the culture I was raised with, and have danced my whole life. Hahahaha....learn something new every day don't ya! My grandfather is hawaiian, and my grandmother is ha'ole. They both had children from previous marriages....never had children together though...he was a hawaiian musician, she was a hula dancer, so here I am...the white girl..that dances hula...that has a clothing line! Yep, pretty interesting right.....well, in 2006, I decided that the Inland Empire in So California just didn't have enough hula dancers running around, so together my grandmother and I started Noelani's Halau O Hula Mo'olelo . I was the choreographer, lead dancer and alaka'i(assistant teacher) there until I moved to Arizona last summer. The halau is still up and running as my grandmother does all the teaching now....my grandmother you say...why yes of course...who do you think taught me???? She was a navy brat raised in the islands....been dancing her whole life!!!! She was the lead dancer at The Tiki's in Monterey Park. Anyways back to the hula line....so after I moved and Night Owl got rolling, I came up with the idea to do hawaiian upcycles. Only after it was all said and done, I decided to not stop at upcycles but to make it hawaiian boutique clothing as well, you will also find simple pa'u tops and skirts for sale occasionally as well! So now you can get hawaiian boutique clothing to wear anytime without the expense of a plane ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoooooo!!!!! I am so excited for this line, it's ridiculous.....I am trying to not get ahead of myself here...but really you wouldn't believe the ideas that roll through my head at all hours about this line... What is the name of this line?

Introducing KE ALOHA O KANAE, also known in English as For the Love of my Daugter. Sadie's hawaiian and legal name is Kanae. It means The Beautful One. When I found out I was having a girl I immediately called my papa and asked him to give my daughter her hawaiian name. He gave me mine also, Makakii(sparkling brown eyes)..it was his job! Kanae is pronounced (Kuh-nye) short U basically...that's the easiest way I can explain it if you don't have the hawaiian accent...LOL! I sew now so I can be home with my daughter, I created this line because of my daughter and the love of the hawaiian culture. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come in knits and wovens very soon to Night Owl with the addition of  Ke Aloha O Kanae!  

And just in case you're curious...I have danced hula, maori, samoan and tahitian basically as long as I can remember.... I danced while pregnant with Sadie up until two weeks before I had her. As a newborn, she literally calmed down to a song about a canoe paddle called Hoe'ana when it was sung to her. She went with me on all shows until she was almost a year old, and to this day is obsessed with Lilo and Stitch...she is slowly starting to learn hula steps as I show them to her very nonchalantly.And is starting to recognize her hula name when I call her by it.
6 months pregnant at a show

6 months pregnant dancing  

fast asleep after a show..all the moms at the dance studio used to hold her during shows...a few of them were named the hula nannies!

Thinking mommy is funny right before I go onstage...
Before we moved my youngest son had started dancing also....

and here are a few pics from shows over the years with other students and myself....

ho'ike 2009 (dance recital)

that's me....shakin those uli' uli's

fundraiser show me on the left

some of my haumana that danced at an elementary school (my grandma is on the right in the purple!)

doing the poi balls

firemans pancake breakfast

my hula sista's , I'm always the tall girl in the back!!! LOL

purty girls!!! I'm in the purple

Hawaiian Lullabye (in yellow)

my cousins daugter at Hura Tahiti..tahitian competition..made it to semi-finals..not bad for first time competitor
My papa singing for us at our first ho'ike

He was also a musician at the Tahitian Terrace inside Disneyland for many years! (far right)

My grandma as a child with her hula implements

My grandma at The Tikis back row third person from the left. 

I love these girls....(far right back row)

my bio photo I used in pamphlets and brochures for the halau... 
I miss my haumana(students) terribly, and I miss dancing....you see when you run a studio like I did it's basically three to four days a week at the studio and usually a day or two a week dancing at backyard luau's weddings, picnics, church functions, schools, the list goes on! Noelani's Halau has become regulars at some locations now three and four years in a row!!! It's amazing to me that my desire to share the love of hula has turned into that! I have spent so much time teaching the aloha spirit and "talking story" with my students, they literally are part of my family! I love those girls....

So sometime in the next week, Night Owl will be unveiling a whole bunch of new outfits to get you ready for your hawaiian getaway or simply your backyard summer luau! Help us grow by spreading the word to anyone you know that may be traveling to paradise this year, or anyone that loves all things hawaiian!  Like I have said for literally yeeeaarrrsssss at the end of shows...From all of us to all of you.......Alooooooooohhhhaaaaa!


Amber said...

Great post! I love the 2nd fabric!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for showing a little bit of yourself :)

Pink Cake Plate said...

Trisha I think you need to teach again!! Arizona could stand to learn how to shake those hips!!!TeeHee!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful story! How funny...my daughter wants a Hula party for her 4th bday in July at the beach. Please put me on your lists for something, pretty please. I never seem to get one of your beautiful creations!! And if I was in CA, I would definitely have my princess taking Hula with you!!!