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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Collage Painting...uh oh...this one includes paint!

Yes, yes, a tutorial with paint...if you've followed closely you understand why this is kind of funny to me! Anyhow, I saw this project years and years ago in an art book, and then saw a version of it on an episode of Jon and Kate plus 8...when it was Jon and Kate plus 8....I have wanted to do this project for so long that with a new couch, I figured it was time to decorate these white walls! We rent...not fun! We did own, had to sell, now here we are, in another state, renting....don't get me wrong, the house is fantastic! It's big enough for us, but the downside is that it has WHITE walls!!! UGH.... I love color, ...on walls, makeup, fabric, art...anything..I LOVE COLOR! It kills me living in a house with white walls!!!! Time to put some color on it that is really easily removeable! The fantastic thing about this project is that it can be a kid project, a family project, even a husband and wife/boyfriend girlfriend project!!! AND again, NO CRAFT SKILLS REQUIRED!!!! Aren't you loving me lately!!!!! Let's start with a list of supplies!
an old sheet or drop cloth
paper plates or some type of bowl/plate to put paint in, different colored paints that you would like to use in your decor. I used browns, black and a bit of a burgundy( it's ok to buy the cheapy paint) . Paintbrushes in different sizes.
canvases in different sizes or the same sizes if you want a very uniform look (I got mine at wal-mart in the craft section, it was under $30 for all five of them!) I laid them out at the store on the floor first to determine what kind of pattern I wanted. I knew I needed five because I was going to have each of my kids do this project!
The tinfoil is required, but the fork, sponge and toothbrush are "add ons" These will be used in place of a brush. You can use anything that has texture to it. Let the imagination soar! Be creative..look around your house for any sort of item that has or can create texture or a pattern.  Some things I thought of were that thing you use to cut pie crusts made from scratch, plastic grocery bags wadded up, and the obvious...fingers!!!! The sponge was used in 'dobbing' as the kids called it..basically just lift up and down on the canvas! The fork was just dragged all over the canvas or is it drug all over the canvas? The toothbrush was made to 'splatter' paint just by rubbing your finger down the bristles of a loaded up toothbrush. 
 Now set it all up! 
Lay the canvas out....word to the wise..don't do this outside on a windy day like we did! Even with magazines and plants holding down our sheet and rocks on our paper plates, the wind got the best of us a few times!
Squeeze paint out on different colored plates and decide on one or two different brushes and or add-ons to be used with that color.

Tear different sized pieces of tinfoil.
And begin painting!!!!!
I let my kids decide what color and what brush they wanted to use in that color. I told them to paint randomly and NOT think about creating any type of pattern or object but just to  paint all over the place like scribbles. I asked them to try and branch out to the edges so that a lot of the white would get covered...I think only one of them understood what I meant!

As they painted I handed them pieces of tinfoil and had them place it down where they wanted to. The hard part with kids is once the tinfoil is down they tend to 'avoid' that area..the point is to have the color their painting with not be on the parts that are covered with tinfoil, so I had to start telling them to paint all over the tinfoil. Then they were able to see what was trying to be accomplished.

Have them remove and add tinfoil when and where they want to. I had my kids do it in between colors so that they understood what was going to happen...only one of mine seems to be "artistically inclined"  :( 
I put two 'things' at each color, one brush and one add-on and had them go around and use each color and each tool but in the order they wanted to and where they wanted to! I wanted to give them as much freedom as possible so it was THEIR painting, but not so much so that Iwould end up with one big black canvas! They needed to be guided and unless your kids work with art supplies very regularly and just seem to love art, yours will probably need to be guided too. I did this project with each of my kids individually. I let them talk about the end of the school year and summer while they were painting...Sadie stood around while they painted so that by the time it was her turn she knew EXACTLY what to do! 

I was a scrapbooker for years and then a home-schooler for years so it's natural for me to "document" their work! I took a picture of each of them with their work. Tomorrow I am going to each have them write their name and yesterday's date on the side or back of the canvas! I think that is super important with kids art and stories! I love laughing at poems and stories I wrote when I was young and being able to see how old I actually was when I wrote it. 

You could get really fancy now if you have all the right tools, and do a little distressing on it, and add a crackle glaze like Ashley at Lil Blue Boo does on her artwork! It's really beautiful! You can paint the sides of the canvas, add some ribbon around the sides, basically it's your art and how you envision it is up to you.....
Here it is..the final version hanging on my wall...I have no idea what that weird spot is above the collage itself on the wall...It keeps showing up..maybe some sort of glare from the flash...yucky flash...sorry I took this at night so that I could get this post done!
Eventually I will add something to that little trio basket wall hanging I hung up next to it...maybe there's an episode on another reality show that can get me to do it! My white walls now have a bit of color to them!....and if you follow me closely, Sadie didn't eat any paint today!  Have fun painting!
I'm off to go check out some other fun tutorials like http://todayscreativeblog.net/

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