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Monday, May 9, 2011

Made it on Monday Fun with Glitter Bond

I've seen a few Made It On Monday posts on different blogs! Basically something super easy to make on Monday...the most dreaded day of the week! Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to play with Glitter bond. We all walk through Michaels and Joanns secretly planning the days when we'll have all the time in the world to sit around and play with the stuff we see on the shelves, or the things we see done in blogs and in magazines....or we actually buy it and then let it sit forever telling our husbands that 'One day I'll have the time"....Well my goal is that with Made It On Monday's blog posts you actually can do it! You will buy it and use it! Better yet this one is so easy your kids about ages 8 and up can probably do it completely themselves. 
What you need....
a tee shirt or fabric if youre going to turn it into something else otherwise a plain tee should do. better yet, get thrifty and use a plain tee shirt with a stain on it! Yep, lets be green and cover it! 
freezer paper
stencil or an image thats easily traceable
Glitter Bond by Tulip
Machine Washable Fashion Glitter by  Tulip

I will show you how I did it and then you can create your own by doing it the same way or by a different route...the tutorial is basically to show you how quick and easy it is to use Glitter Bond.

First take your freezer paper and tear off a piece large enough to cover the graphic you will be tracing.
lay your graphic under your freezer paper and trace it. I just used a sharpie. there is a waxy side to this paper make sure you trace onto the other side....not the waxy side.
Remove the graphic and start cutting out your image on the lines with an Xacto knife or a razor blade. You can see a great tutorial on freezer paper stenciling here for more in depth ideas.

Iron it onto your tee shirt or piece of fabric with the waxy side down.

Glitter Bond comes with two 'makeup' sponges ready to use..so just open it up and start globbing it on the sponge.
Generously cover the area with the bond...the glitter is going to have to stick to it! 
At the time when i bought this I didn't know what I was going to do with it..looking back I would have picked a darker glitter..as you will see in a bit my glitter on my fabric could have used a bit more contrast..but that's ok....point is, think about what youre going to do first! 
Sprinkle that stuff all over your design! I was pretty generous....you can just dump the excess into a folded paper and put it back into the jar!  See below! 
(excess glitter)......Set tee shirt aside to dry for two hours!!!
When dry, lift the freezer paper up and peel it away! I'm the girl that picks the skin from sunburns...so this part made me happy!
See...I needed more contrast..but that's ok! Next time! 

I did mine on fabric and paired it with some fairy fabric to turn into a dress for Sadie!

Sadie loved it!

Let's see what you make on Monday! If you make this any day of the week send me your pics! I'd love to see what you did! Think how fun and easy this would be for an older child to do this on some tee shirts for summer!

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