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Monday, May 16, 2011

Made it on Monday! Zero Craft Skills Required! Teacher Gift!!!!

Every single year, I struggle with the same dilemma...what do I get my kids teacher's for an end of the year present! I've put money in with the class for amazing gift certificates, cricut machines, spa passes, the list goes on..I've rallied up all the parents and had them each make a scrapbook page and then I had a scrapbook bound for a favorite teacher! I've crafted my little heart out, let the kids help/not help, cooked, baked, done it all! Last year though one of my beautiful friends, Meredith, put up a pic of a teacher gift she did....it was so adorable! Basically a gift basket with graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows in it. It had a tag attached to it that said, "We need S'more teachers like you!" It was just adorable! So I decided to run with it and put together an entire summer gift basket for our teachers this year! With the S'mores being a part of it and then all the other little summer goodies around it! This requires pretty much ZERO craft skill for those of you not interested in staying up all night to concoct something the other parents will oooh and aaaah over! Or for those (like me) that just do not have the time right now to get all crazy with my crafting skills! Keep in mind with this project you do not have to include all the things that I did! I spent about $25 on each basket, I have four in school...so yah , it did get a bit pricey. You can always go back to the original idea though and keep it small and simple. Here is a list of what I bought to go in our baskets!
Sand pails

graham crackers

small journal

small re-useble water bottle

small 'beach' scented candle

small tube of sunscreen


water bomb balls


chocolate bars


last but not least, marshmallows! 

If you have stamps at home, you can stamp up a little post card size piece of cardstock that says what you want it to say...you can print it out on the computer, or even have your child write it, using some fun bubble letters....it's their teacher after all! I put crumpled up newspaper in the bottom of  mine to give it some height for different parts of the basket, you can add double stick tape to make some of the smaller products stick to the larger ones so they don't fall all over and the presentation of the basket stays intact, I  added a ribbon and voila...'We need S'more Teachers Like You"!!!!!!!

On the back you can write a note or have your child write a note about having a fantastic summer and thank you so much ...blah blah blah....have them write it in their own writing for that part if theyre old enough....it's those  little things that make the gift extra special! So there ya go, no crafting skills necessary! Or if you have the time and energy and skill, decorate the notebook, handstamp the card on the front and make a huge fabulous bow!!! The possibilities are endless but at least now you can have a little idea of what to do for these fabulous teachers that educate our kids every day!!!!


Pitts Blog said...

this is such a great gift idea....thank you, my problem solved!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! great idea!