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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 days of winners!!!

 Thank you to all of my sponsors! Here is the list of winners for each day's giveaway! Winners will be posted here daily! Please contact me through the Email Me form way down below this post to claim your prize! I will need each winners Name, Address, and contact Email so that I can pass it on to the vendors to send you your prize. If by chance you won something that will be custom made, I will pass along your info and you will hear from the vendor. After the entire giveaway is over, and I still have not heard from you , I will be drawing another winner! Thank you again for so much continued support! Congratulations!

Winner for Hautala Couture choice of sign is #7 Rebecca L 
Winner for Red Umbrella Shop dress is #1 Erin Noie
Winner for Splash of Color  $50 credit is #36 Cristal Malek
Winner for Bebe Gear  4th of July romper is #25 Rebecca Lemay(it pays to play! 2nd tim e she won already!)
Winner for What's Your Virtue  lip trio is #7 Anne Fudge Cluck
Winner for Anders Ruff Custom Designs is #28 Lisa Dominy
Winner for Babycakes is #66 Mary Ann O.
Winner for Missy Moo Boutique is #41 Cynthia Smith(new winner)
Winner for My Little Lady Loves is #28 Natalie Lewis( new winner )
Winner for Miss PaigySue is #34 Paula B.
Winner for Swanky Sole Mates is #48 Kerry
Winner for The Baby's Bundle is #54 Anonymous(lynchmob@telus.net)
Winner for Nattie Cakes Decor is #24 Steph
Winner for Stephanie Corfee Artist is #23 Kathryn C.
Winner for Glorious Memory is #4 Lindsey
Winner for Cocomi's Unnecessary Necessities is #46 Lauren Bolland(new winner)
Winner for Cactus Scraps is #24 Trisha (don't worry, it's not me!!!) LOL!
Winner for Captured by Maggie Designs is #11 Poppyseeds Mommy(new winner)
Winner for Peaches and Brown Sugar is #86 pinksarahh ( winner of hat)
Winner for Peaches and Brown Sugar is #41 Donna O Neill( winner of headband)(new winner)
Winner for Night Owl #88 Natalie Hearn (gift certificate)(new winner)
Winner for Night Owl #27 Jeanine (hooded towel)
Winner for Dogwood Lane #62 Samantha 
Winner for HymeGyaru is #18 Steph(2nd time winner)
Winner for Little Tickle Boutique is #27 Melissa Zawislak
Winner for Lilliana Marie Designs is #74 Donna O'neill(new winner)
Winner for Little Loves Designs is #31 Chrissy P
Winner for Daydream Designs is #35 Erin Noie Photography
Winner for Oh! Fiddlesticks is #28 Jenny from Crossing the Bugger Dixon Line
Winner for the 'june 30 last day" BIG giveaway is #59 Susannah M.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

can you enter me? thank you! you know I love your stuff!


Jodi said...

I'm crossing my fingers on these giveaways :) No income means no buying awesome stuff for the kids :/

Emma said...

Hi Trisha, I'm the winner of My Little Lady Loves giveaway, I'm #50, I sent my details on the email option below but I don't know if it got through to you because when I have contacted you this way on the past it tells me email was sent . My email is singhemma@hotmail.com could you let me know if you received it?

Emma ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Trisha, i won The Baby's Bundle giveaway! Thank you so much:) I don't know if my other e-mails went through? Please let me know, my e-mail is lynchmob@telus.net.

Michelle Lynch

Anonymous said...

how do we enter?

Steph said...

Hi! I won the Nattie Cakes Decor! Please contact me at stephwarner09@gmail.com. Thank you so much! So fun!!

Kathryn C said...

Hi! I won the Stephanie Corfee giveaway! I am not sure if my email with my info went through. My email is katcamarillo@yahoo.com. Thanks! :)

Emma said...

Hi Trish, just letting you know that you will have to re draw a new winner for My Little Lady Loves because after selecting the tie I wanted and paying the invoice, when she went to post she didn't realise I was overseas as she didn't check the address before she invoiced and so as the shipping would cost almost $30, she is refunding my money and contacting you to draw another winner. Devestated :'(

Trisha Ashley said...

Yes Emma, so sorry, she did state in the giveaway that winner pays shipping.

Jodi said...

So sad, some people won mutliple times, I didn't win at all :(

Kim said...

Secretly crossing my fingers you will be re-drawing some of these :) Happy for the winners and hope to be one too :)

pinksarahh said...

I got my hat that I won today from Peaches and Brown Sugar! Love it! Thank you for such a great giveaway month!

Trisha Ashley said...

Sarah! Glad you love it!!!!

Paula B. said...

Just checked for the new winners wasn't me but I agree why sign up if your not going to claim. Some awesome prizes to be letting pass by. Thank you for your hard work. If someone doesn't claim I would gladly......lol.

Lauren said...

I sent an e-mail to you last night to claim my prize! Thanks so much!!

Lauren Bolland

zoe hunter lee said...

And.....i still didnt win :(( i will keep checking though..lol.. Zoe

Congrats New Winners!!

Jeanine Maulucci said...

It is very strange that people would sign up and not claim the prize. Waiting for next week draw and hopefully I am pulled. Thanks for the giveaways they are incredible.

Angie Alford said...

uugghh, am I ever gonna win????? can't believe someone didn't claim that big prize NUTS!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Still keeping my fingers crossed over here!!

Annie Bartlett

natasha nelson said...

pick me

Shirley said...

i sure hope I wasnt one that didnt miss a prize!