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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fan Photo Friday 6/3/11 plus a few other things.....

First off, I am so excited over this little gal's photo..on Facebook we call her Ms. P if you've ever seen that name thrown around, this is who we're talkin' about! Paizly is turning 2! Her mama asked me if I could make her a paisley dress! I told her I had a crazy idea and she let me roll with it! Low and behold, a dress she absolutely loves!!!! I can't believe I was able to find 8 different paisley prints...when you aren't looking for something in particular you can always find it..but when you are...ha! Good luck! I happened to find a lot of these prints when I went to LA in April to go shopping. If you haven't ever been to the garment district, next time you want fabric, if you can get to LA, you must go! Anyhow, I knew just because I magically did, hahaha...that her mama also loved zebra print too! So zebra with some paisley and voila....Miss P.'s dress for her second birthday! Happy Birthday Ms. P!!!!!!!!!!

A few other things on the agenda today to let you know about as well! With time moving like it does...very fast...I find myself struggling with trying to find the time to give everyone what they want from me and Night Owl! I am soooooo incredibly blessed and thrilled by the demand, support, love, and challenge that you all throw at me each and every day! It truly makes me happy that some nights I can't sleep because the wheels don't stop spinning! So, after much much much thought, and of course getting some of your opinions. I have decided to move into an area of making MTO's(made to orders). This means that here and there, I will make an item, and then post it up and you will have a limited amount of time, to purchase that item in your size of choice. I may even give options on the sleeves too...not sure yet...I will let you know as time goes on! This is a new area for me, as I have always tried to stick to OOAK's(one of a kind's) . Even when I made the same dress I only made one of each size so they were still OOAK to a degree. I will let you know when I make the item how close I am getting to fabric running out, or to time being up on ordering it through the FB page and through the blog when I can. It would be my dream, if I had to pull the listing right away because you all went crazy and bought so many I ran out of fabric!!! WHAT? A girl can dream , right? I have huge amounts of brand new beautiful fabric sitting around here waiting to be cut into and I just stare at it wondering if this is the direction I should take! Does this mean my upcycled OOAK's will be going away.............heck no!!!!!! I just went and got a whole bunch of 'new' shirts from the thrift store the other day, so be on the lookout for some new creations too! I have plans that I could talk about for days with this company....I have ideas on pieces of  paper all over this desk waiting to be turned into an actual clothing piece...I have screen prints ready to be printed.....yes yes yes..I need more time! I need to slow down! I know..one day at a time!!! There are a lot of things happening around here so I hope you stay tuned! Go check out the giveaways if you haven't already.... here,   
and here....
 and check out the new hawaiian line! Ke Aloha O Kanae ! You can also go see what's for sale under this clothing line by clicking on the button over there to the left that has my little hula dancing owls on it! That will take you right to the shop! Many of you asked for larger sizes..there will be! The plan is to add to this line regularly!
So I think that's it for right now....I will send more giveaways your way tomorrow!

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