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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fan Photo Friday 7/22.11

Didn't get around to posting last week because I was still in vacation mode! I'm adding a new incentive to get your photos in to me for Fan Photo Friday! Either post them on the wall on my Facebook page or get them to my email  at renee418 (at) msn (dot) com for a chance to win a 25% off coupon code at the end of the month. Winner will be drawn by random after the last Fan Photo Friday for the month has been posted. If I don't receive photos until after the last post of the month, you will go into next month's drawing! For every photo I decide to post of your little one, you will be entered. **If you send me 15 photos of the same dress, chances are I will only post 1 or 2.....so no that won't get you 15 entries...** sorry! I just love giving away a good discount, so this is just for some extra goodness for ya, not crazy competition here....! Here is what I have received in the last two weeks!

Yoda looks great on her!

Night Owl is good for climbing trees in!

..and really good for twirling!
or just loungin' around!

All american beauty!

Who said vampires are just for Halloween?

Bieber Fever?

Pooh Bear movie!!!!!

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