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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sadie Wore It Best! (well in my eyes she did).....

OK, so I don't consider myself a gossip queen, or self-indulged, or whatever you want to call me, and I'd like to say that those around me don't either but,,I have a confession...I have a naughty guilty pleasure..I love gossip magazines...Isn't that terrible??? I'm laughing at myself right now because I'm actually admitting it... US, OK, People, whatever, all those... they keep me up to date since I'm not a huge TV watcher.... Don't you love those parts in the magazines where they ask, Who Wore it Best? I like to see if I agree with what the general public said more so than I even care who actually wore it best. It got me to thinking of the clothes I put on Sadie. I get asked all the time if Sadie only wears Night Owl, the answer...No! But we do mostly buy handmade! She has lots and lots of clothes from all kinds of designers we buy from! I want to share some of those designers with you because , A: Alot of these designers have become friends of mine and I'd love to help promote their business and B: There are a lot of really, really cute clothes out there that go great paired with Night Owl or just on their own! This isn't truly about me thinking she wore it better than your kid, although I am biased LOL! These designers bring me inspiration and some of them even a goal to strive for, to reach their level of excellence not only in my work but in my designing, marketing and networking skills too! Here are some of our faves and the links to where you can find them!!!! I will be adding more as we buy more....(shoot, based on my shopping skills for her this could turn into the whole blog being bombarded by "Sadie Wore it best"! LOL) Hope not!
Some of these pics are not all that good as we may have just taken them real quick using my ipod touch or my phone or something...the highlighted links are to their shops on where to actually buy their clothes.

One of our very faves of course many of you are already familiar with, is the wonderful Lil Blue Boo! Sadie has a bit of stuff from LBB as fans of her call it!
The tank top is Lil Blue Boo, I just love what it says,,,"There is only one of me in all time" the pants are one of my new found favorites, Dogwood Lane!

yes, she prefers her shoes on the wrong feet and we just let her wear them that way!

Look what she found in her Easter basket!!! Yes I am aware she's wearing Christmas pajamas on Easter morning LOL!

Daddy's girl is right!!!  

She looooooves this dress! have you seen this video of her and this dress? super funny!

shorts from LBB!

The designer we probably own the most of is Soren Lorensen Design...this brand is probably my fave! I think because I'm super eclectic and so is the clothing! Upcycled, totally cool, not to mention, Shari the owner is a rad chick, click here to check out what a great time shopping we had together!
The happy halter!

We love Penny Pants! Capri style patchwork! Super comfy super unique!

Penny Pants again, and the top she's wearing is from The Green Goat! Another fave!
If you need a stocking for your little one be on the lookout when Fall comes! Shari makes great stockings!

A spin off of the penny pants... 2 Bits! Longer pants! We love ours!

My youngest son loves his robot tee!
More pennys!
 Here is another pic from The Green Goat! All of her prints are so beautiful!
Every few months I let Sadie pick a new animal out to have screened onto a dress for her! She loves elephants..she did last summer and she still does today! She most recently chose a peacock! We don't have pics of that yet though!

Elk Dresses is a company that also uses knits and her clothes are super cute and simple!
Sadie had some dental work done and she's showing me her new teeth!
Pink Sugar Clothing is so known for their peasant dresses and she uses the most yummy fabrics ever! I love butterflies so when I saw this I knew I  HAD to have it!
That's about it right now! Do you have a favorite designer that has super cute fun handmade clothes! Share it!

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