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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cup markers!!! Made it on Monday!!!

"Whose cup is this?" It's a term my kids hear constantly out of my mouth! I get as tired of hearing myself say it as I'm sure they do too! I have five kids and aside from Sadie's sippy cups, I don't know whose cup is whose..With a family like mine, it's a toss up between washing dishes constantly, and using water or throwing away plastic cups. Hard decision when youre trying to be 'green' with a large family. We decided though it's best to resort to plasticware for us as the cups are still washable and they do use them for the entire day. But, like I said earlier I'm always asking whose cup is whose. Yes we've done the whole Sharpie thing...unfortuanately I have a busy two year old daughter that likes to do the Sharpie thing too, so we often 'hide' it and then some of the kids either can't find it or can't reach it. Sooooooo, my solution..cup markers. Ya know, kind of like Wine Markers. I was on Pinterest last night browsing around, by the way, if youre not on there, you must get an invite and join! Hours of your 'spare' time will be filled with daydreaming of clothes you'll wear, crafts you'll make and designing your house! Really, it should be called Pinter-addiction or something of the sort! Anyhow, I saw a wine marker and BAM it hit me..thats what we needed!!!! Except without the wine, well not for the kids anyways...this way they ALWAYS know whose cup is whose...and I do too!!!!! Yay!!!! Don't forget all my Made it on Monday tutorials are supposed to be for people who typically will have crafty supplies on hand, nothing major to purchase! Nothing major to learn how to do..just something simple to make from ordinary things you find in aisles at stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Michaels, etc....
I googled FREE images that I was interested in based on each of the things my kids are into or things that represent them! Headphones for my music loving teenager, Kaden, baseball for my sports enthusiast Tristan, Bookworm for my reader, Sebastian, and puppies for my dog lover, Fallon. I didn't make one for Sadie....I might later just to set aside for when she's older, when I make the ones for 'guests' when the kids friends come over!
Open the photo in a simple photo editing program. Resize the photo to about 3x2 inches and then add your childs name in a bold simple easy to read font.

Print off each photo onto regular paper.

I used a simple tag punch but you can use any shape, or cut on your own to any desired shape.

I trimmed the picture down.

An easy tip with punches is to place photo side down and turn the punch over so you can see the exact placement of what your'e cutting out.

Here are all four of my tags for each of my boys.

I bought these self-laminating sheets at Wal-Mart for around $2.50. They are super easy to use for a variety of things including recipes, luggage tags and ID cards for your kids when you go places.

Peel the two pieces apart with the plastic side down. Place tag face down, I was able to fit two, and then lift the paper off the other piece and seal. Easy!

Press all air bubbles out.
Cut around each tag- not too close though.
I used a rectangular hole punch to punch a little hole near the top of my tag.

Slipped a rubberband through and VOILA!!!! I'll always know whose cup is whose now and so will they!


The Grout Family said...

I LOVE this idea!!!

Jeanine Maulucci said...

I Love It...