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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Handmade Christmas!!

I loooove to give handmade gifts for Christmas...I've given card containers made out of metal lunchboxes covered in scrapbook paper, I've given knitted scarves, I've given blankets....the list goes on...this year though I'm wondering how to use all these scraps I have of fabric that are pretty darn useable (see photo below)....one of the ideas I have is to make kitchen towels....so ordinary but so many times I look at my yucky towels and wish I had new ones..but then I don't want to spend the money when I'm at Target or Wal-mart for them....I'm not against the old fashioned crocheted toppers, I just think I'm past that....I want home decor fabric, or even holiday themed ones....or ones that match what Sadie's wearing LOL! hahaha....anyhow, this year I think that might be my gift that I make, kitchen towels for every holiday plus a few for throughout the year...maybe like a one a month kind of thing! ..here is a great link I found for all kinds of kitchen towels... what are you going to make this year? Share some links with me and our readers of what youre going to make or what you've made in the past!
yes all those totes and brown paper bags are full of scraps!

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Amber Levinson said...

Stockings, or wreaths made out of fabric are wonderful!! Here is a link with a stocking made from small pieces of fabric http://pinterest.com/pin/131044095/

Here is a fabric wreath: http://pinterest.com/pin/136267080/

great gift for kids! Road trip pillow case! http://pinterest.com/pin/130601558/

Here is a solid color fabric wreath: http://pinterest.com/pin/130580948/

I would love to make a braided rag rug! http://pinterest.com/pin/130560885/

My friend made these last year! I loved it! light and fabric light strand. http://pinterest.com/pin/128633940/

I could do on for days! But I better not!!!