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Monday, August 1, 2011

Princess Popcorn

My neighbor introduced me last halloween to a popcorn treat that made me eat the entire bowl in one sitting. And I am not typically a popcorn person! Ever since, I have been making this treat for every occasion that comes along! Pathetic excuse...LOL! Hey first day of school, Hey, You got an A, Hey, You went potty in the toilet!!! Anything I can celebrate, I make this treat for me and the kids! Yes you just have to make it! The reason I call it Princess Popcorn is because that is mine and Sadies favorite way to make it (using purple and pink crystals!)
What you need,
1 bag of Wiltons white chocolate melting chips to every two bags of microwaveable popcorn...so 2 bags of popcorn, 1 bag of chocolate, 4 bags of popcorn, 2 bags of chocolate....that's for all those that are brain dead when it comes to math! hahaha!

and then you need some sprinkles. The sugar crystal kind! The other ones just melt into a big blob! I like to pickk the colors out of whatever I'm celebrating!
and then popped popcorn! Microwavable with lots of butter suits me just fine!

So easy to make, I'm not going to provide photos!
First pop both bags of popcorn and dump into a large bowl!

Next, microwave your candy melts. The proper way to do this is by microwaving them for one minute to start on half power on your microwave! Otherwise you'll scorch the chocolate and it tastes terrible after that! Continue heating and stirring every 30 seconds on half power until all is melted. It usually takes me about 4 or 5 times of heating and stirring before it's all melted! Just keep it on half power!

Pour melted chocolate all over popcorn and then add the sugar crystals and stir!!!! I then let it sit and harden for about an hour before eating!

Enjoy!!! Here is a photo of the last batch I made on the Fourth of July using red and blue crystals!

***NOTE*** I have experimented with the colored melts and they do not taste very good with this recipe..I say just stick to the white chocolate ones! Also, I am going to guess this will save well in a ziploc bag,,,,but I wouldn't know for sure as we've never had any leftover! (blushing)! yum! Totally satisfies that salty/sweet craving!


pinksarahh said...

YUM! Thank you for the recipe!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

I am making this TONIGHT!
so much for the diet starting today ...
Have a pretty day!