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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The ban on plastic bags...and I'm moving....

If you are on Facebook then you have definitely heard that I am moving. So please bear with me over the next few weeks as I may be a little slower with getting things sent out, and I may even be closing up shop for a few weeks....The Mr. is leaving this weekend, but I will be staying to finish up packing for the next two weeks. Plus we dont have anywhere to live yet, so I kind of have to stay until we find a place. Anyways this move comes with bittersweet feelings. I kicked and screamed coming to Arizona. I had never lived far from my family and didn't want to be far from them. I was coming to a state where I had nobody. I have five kids and am used to having family help at the drop of a pin and a babysitter whenever I need an escape. This was going to prove to be rough on me. I survived and not only did I survive I embraced Arizona and it embraced me. After a few months of feeling sorry for myself, my business took off, and I developed amazing relationships amongst some amazing women through a meetup.com group for moms and toddlers. I met and networked with some of Arizona finest crafters and boutique business owners and am proud to say that I have crafted next to, and vendored(is that a word) next to such amazing people. I will never forget you guys and thanks to modern technology will be able to keep in touch with all of you! In March my sister moved here, giving me a small weight of not having anyone lifted off my shoulders. And so now here I go again, back to California. This move comes with bittersweet feelings like I said....not kicking and screaming this time around....just a bit of sadness all balled up with excitement. We are moving to the Monterey area of California, and every time I mention it people say "oh I'm so jealous" or "oh wow youre going to love it." I hope they are right..I haven't been in that area since I was a kid. All I know is I will be living near the beach and given that I am a Southern California native that is good enough for me. It is proving to be difficult to find a house to live in that is the size we need with the price we can afford. It is not cheap to live there thats for sure...and it's going to be hard to beat the 3300 square feet I've been lucky enough to call home for the last year. I've been a tad spoiled in Arizona! That's ok though , we know how to live in 1800 square feet with 7 and we'll figure it out again! Beach living is small everywhere unless you've got bank!  So, moving on to other things in life, I also wanted to add in that in LA they have put a ban on plastic bags at grocery stores and don't get me wrong while I am all about being as green as I can be, I have to admit that I frequently forget my reuseable grocery bags....it turns into one of those moments where youre like, "man, is it worth the X amount of dollars in gas to turn around and go home to get them", ugh.....I am in a crazy part of my life where five kids, a business and throw in one extremely busy, active toddler, has made me so scatterbrained it's just sad that I cant even remember to grab my reuseable bags on my way out the door.  I know, youre all saying, put them in your car after you unload groceries....shame on me...I have run out of excuses....well since LA has put the ban on plastic bags, and I guess San Fransisco is right there too, it seems to me that the rest of California will be following behind very soon. Yes yes, back to rules rules rules...I am used to California rules ......there is a rule on breathing I think too! Seriously...I like living in this 'yahoo' state as i call it here in Arizona..I mean, people can carry guns around here..it's nuts...you go into Walmart and there is a mom walking with her gun on her hip..you think I'm kidding..so not kidding.....so here are a few links I wanted to post up with tutorials on using tee shirts to make bags, if you want to be crafty and have your own original unique bags rather than the pre-printed reuseables everyone else is carrying around...
Fastest Recycled T-shirt Tote Bag
Turn a tee shirt into a tote bag
How to make a Tshirt grocery bag
there are so many more..just google it! See what you come up with and let us know! Send me a photo of your shopping experience with your tee-shirt bags! And then come visit me next time youre in the Monterey area! Thank you for your loyal support during this transition in my life. We are making sure we find a home that I will be able to continue my work and my dedication to my Night Owl fans. Who knows what kind of inspiration I will find in this new beautiful place..I plan on being outside a lot! I will miss you my Arizona friends! I leave you with a few images of where I'm going!
Monterey Bay
Scene from the 17 mile drive
Cannery Row

Sea Lions

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Donna said...

Yippie! You are moving closer to me! That means when you ship stuff, I'll get it really quick. I love that part of California...we try to vacation there as often as we can. I live a few hours north so it is a quick and easy getaway. Good luck with packing and stuff and make sure you buy lots of sweaters.