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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm the Queen!!! (of halloween home decor)

Not really...I actually am quite terrible about decorating for holidays...my mom was a pro! Me...not so much....I don't like taking all the garb out and then having to put it away! But, I did win a little voting contest. I belong to a group on Facebook that includes designers that participate in swaps/challenges/contestes, etc...One of the challenges I'll be competing in coming up includes ten people buying ten yards of ribbon, cutting it into one yard strips, sending it off to the organizer who then in turn sends back to us ten yards of ribbon. One of each that we all sent her. We then have to make something from that ribbon....not really using anything else...If youre going to make a bow of course you can use a clip/etc...but you can't use yards of fabric or anything like that. These challenges are unique, interesting, and keep me on my toes! The items are photographed and then auctioned off with home decor starting at $10 and clothes starting at $15. There is voting that takes place and a winner chosen from each category! I won the home decor section for the last auction. I made an adorable Trick-or-Treat bag using this tutorial. This challenge was an "anything goes" challenge..it just had to be Halloween themed. Everyone thought I'd be doing a clothing item of some sort! I loved that the Trick was such a Treat! The only down side to this whole thing was that I am so in love with my own bag I now have to make another one for Sadie because mine sold! Happy (early) Halloween!

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