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Monday, September 12, 2011

Made it on Monday! Printing on Fabric: A Dance Bag Tutorial

Made it on Monday posts are all about really simple easy to use products you might not otherwise know about or attempt to conquer simply because you don't know what to do with the product, whether it be that youre overwhelmed by the idea of attempting something new, or youre a craft failure or you just don't want to start one more project you won't finish...these posts were done to show you that you can make it in one day, and everything that I use is for the simple crafter or sew-er..nothing too crazy..no crazy patterns, nothing too difficult..just nice and easy! I may not get to them every Monday but when I do you can be sure to bet, they will be fun, and simple! So here is a new one!
     I found this pack of Sew On Transfers in Walmart in the craft section one day and there was a photo on the front of a girl holding a pillow...I immediately went crazy with ideas in my head of what to do with it! Just before we decided to move, Sadie had done a free trial dance class and we were getting ready to sign her up the next week..well that has since changed but when we get settled I want to make sure she's ready to start dance class somewhere....and every little ballerina needs their own cute dance bag...who am I to use the same bag everyone else has....!? So, with a little printing, sewing, and tulle, voila...her own personalized dance bag!
Here is what you need:
Tulle, sew-on transfers paper pack, a tote bag (I got a 3 pack for around $5) plus a photo of your child, a sewing machine, pins, scissors and an inkjet printer. Basic photo editing software is an option but not necessary if you aren't going to add text to your photo.

If you are adding text you will want to open your editing software and edit your photo and add text where you would like it, and then save it to print. If not adding text just print your photo off the way you normally would through your computer.

Follow the directions on your printer with which way to lay your paper to make sure it prints on the correct side of the fabric.

Let your image dry and then peel the fabric away from the paper.

The directions say to wet the fabric, this is to set it, and then let it dry again. ****This is why it's important to let the initial ink dry, if it isn't it will run when you rinse it. *** I let mine dry for 30 minutes first then rinsed and then laid out to dry on a towel. You can use a blowdryer to speed up either process.

When fabric was dry , I measured out the length of my daughters tutu that she had on in her photo. In my case it was 2" long.

I then cut five 2" pieces off of my roll of pink tulle.

I stacked them all nicely together.
First I ran a basting or gathering stitch down one side of the tulle.

I gathered it up and then pinned it on top of where my daughters tutu was in the photo forming a dimensional tutu on top of the photo fabric piece.

I then sewed it onto the photo fabric with a regular straight stitch, I also decided to add a small bow over on the right side of the tutu.
I then pinned the photo fabric to my bag making sure to not catch the pins to the backside of the bag.

I just used a simple zig zag stitch all the way around the bag to attach the fabric to the tote. ***This is not the easiest thing to do but it is possible. I started in the upper right corner and sewed down and then across the bottom of the fabric going towards the left side of the bottom of the tote. I then went back up to the top left corner and started there and went down to the bottom of the tote. I then finished by doing the top of the fabric and tote last. You must move slow and carefully making sure not to catch the back side of the tote under the front side while youre sewing. ***

Voila! Sadie's very own personalized dance bag!

1 comment:

felicia said...

That is adorable! I'll have to make one for August when she's a little older!