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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Settling in!!!

What a move we had!! I'm so glad it's over and were about 95% unpacked! I'm organized in my workspace and ready to produce for all of you! I have a new price sheet (click here) ***This pdf is hosted through MediaFire and it is free and safe...you will be directed to click the link that says Price Sheet and it will download and open....***You can view or even print it off, so you know what to expect from me! In the past I have slightly raised my prices because of having help with cutting, cleaning, folding, listing and shipping but now that it's back to just me sewing and doing all of that, two things, A: I hope to keep prices lower for you for awhile while I settle into a new routine and B: When the time is right to hire help again I will have to raise them again slightly but I hope you understand it's only to cover the cost of my help in order to be able to produce more for all of you! I also hope I'm not viewed as the 'cheap' upcycyler, as my craftsmanship has always been solid and will remain that way! With that said, I am hoping that by adjusting a few ways I do things around here, that it will benefit you and I both! I would like to offer a few shirts a week as semi custom upcycles, meaning, I list a shirt, you will comment below it on Facebook if you would like to be included in the drawing for a chance to be the 'winner' if you want to call it that to be able to purchase the completed listing. You will have say in fabric prints for what you DON'T want, sleeve length, and skirt style, or if you want a hoodie, tunic, etc.....we can discuss that more as time goes on....also, I will be doing one upload a week that will have whatever I can make the previous week listed. Times will most likely vary for now until I get on a regular schedule around here....It will be announced in plenty of time, and previews will be up well enough in advance! I also would like to offer more Made To Orders's (MTO's). So start looking for those..depending on fabric availability to me, I might only be able to offer 6 or 7 of those dresses, but as the MTO's get more popular amongst you all I would hope to be able to offer up to 20 or more! Again, I thank you so very much for being loyal and sticking by me during this transition! It has been hard on me to relocate again in just a year. I am excited to get back to my regular routine of sewing though! I leave you with a photo of this tree right outside my sewing room...Much love,,,,Trisha

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