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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dress A Girl Around the World

Last week, I helped out in my sons 5th/6th grade classroom teaching the kids how to sew pillowcase dresses for a wonderful cause. Dress A Girl Around the World is an organization that takes pillowcase dresses to girls in other countries like Uganda, Haiti, Africa, and other third world countries.

We scoured thrift stores for gently used pillowcases and found many for as low as $0.39!!! We managed to pick up about 15 to donate! My son's teacher has a friend that is very involved in the organization so she came  in to give instructions on how the dresses are made...we then assigned all the kids to a designated area and got to work! Some cut bias tape, some put elastic through casings, some sewed, and some ironed! My son loves sewing and the whole machine process and how it works,so I was happy to sit down with him and let him get his hands on some fabric! He did great! All the kids did really! We managed to finish about 11 dresses in a 3 1/2 hour time frame and then each of the parents that helped took a few home to finish up at home! The kids totally understood and found it amazing that this may be a girls only new dress she may receive in her lifetime. The organization has trouble finding people going on missions to these countries to take dresses to the girls, so if you know of anyone or if you are going on a mission, please contact the Dress A Girl program so that you can help! NOW............here is my challenge to you!!! Lets see how many pillowcases you can send my way! I am organizing a sewing day of pillowcase dresses for the Dress A Girl program and would love to receive as many pillowcases as possible! If you have gently used pillowcases, or would like to pick some up at a thrift store or even brand new ones to send, we need pillowcases, bias tape, 3/4inch elastic and cotton scraps to make a pocket on the dress. The dresses also are sent with a pair of girls panties in them. Any size pillowcase dress works. Panties can be any size too as long as it's a new package...Bias tape needs to be about 18 inches for each side, so 1 package of extra wide double fold is enough for one dress.A little bit of embellishment is nice too so if you have rick rack, lace, or fun buttons, send those this way as well! If you would like to send any of these items for donation please address them to
Night Owl
P.O. Box 11
Salinas, CA. 93902
Please send all items before December 10 as the sewing will take place over my kids Christmas vacation. One last note...the girls there love bright colors! So the brighter and bold prints and colors, the better! Thank you so very much..here are photos from the day of sewing!

My son holding up one of the dresses he was working on!

My son sewing some bias tape!

The kids made the news too! Click here to read the write up on the event!
Thank you so much again for any of your donations!!!


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Thank you ladies!!!!