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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We made it...now purge!

Were here...in Southern California...I can't say I'm totally thrilled about it...still trying to find that silver lining...I'm glad to be away from the mess of up north, but just find myself missing Arizona...California is so over crowded and I find myself in a sea of people, cars and cement everywhere I turn...it kind of gives me anxiety to be honest! Maybe all that will die down after the holidays. Our trip was a bit more safe and less "exciting" if you want to use the word than our move up north! No crazy trailers flipping, no accidents, no storms...just a long sad drive. The is the last picture I took of our time up north..its the porch light we left on of the back door at the house we were in. This photo makes me sad.
We left on Friday night and drove for a bit into San Miguel and stayed there.....if you ask me this was one of those 'pay by the hour' hotels! I swear it was! But, it's all there was....ain't no Hilton in the middle of nowhere! LOL!
We got up and left first thing Saturday morning! I have never been in 21 degree weather before, so when my car thermometer read that I was like, Whoa!!!!!!(forgive the blurry photos, I took them with my ipod)
I do love road trips though! I love looking at nature and the scenery! It's actually a nice trip driving up and down California...just not with a big yellow moving truck and five kids and a dog!
I try every day to find things to keep my spirits up! On the drive, the moving truck was packed full and we were down to our last few things..one of them was this cubby that goes on my kids' bookshelf that has all their Yu-Gi-Oh cards in it! The cubby was packed in the back and toppled right over onto my third sons head! Hundreds of cards were all over him and the cubby was sitting perfectly on his head! We couldn't stop laughing!
....and then we drove it all to storage! Yep,, all of our stuff except for a few days worth of clothes, our electronics and a few toys are in storage....I told the Mr. today....it will be interesting to see how little this 'stuff' means to us once we've been living without it for awhile! It's amazing how much you can actually do without! My challenge to you today, especially with Christmas coming is to go purge a few things! Clean out a closet, a toy box, a drawer, something! Seriously, you will feel soooo much better!
I'm glad were here safe and sound! Now just to move on with our life and figure out the next part! Job, house, school, etc.....it will all be in time...I spend A LOT of time crying......a lot of it is the not knowing part...not knowing if we'll get back to Arizona, not knowing if we'll stay here..not knowing where we'll live, not knowing where the kids will go to school..etc etc...I know, one day at a time! I'm trying..I'm trying! I have a lot of amazing people looking after me and my family..I can't tell you how much these angels have taken care of me and relieved so many burdens off my shoulders lately! Thank you again for your support and love!


Jennifer said...

Still praying for you and your family. Merry Christmas.

tricityty said...

Glad you made it there safe. I hope your husband finds a job and you get a place soon! We lived without our stuff for 2 months. We missed some but a lot we didn't. We had 12000 lbs last summer when we moved and this year we got it down to 7800 lbs! And I am still getting rid of things!