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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Team Ashley: An auction for Ashley of Lil Blue Boo

Let me first start off by saying that I am so honored and greatful to be a part of an amazing team that is putting together an auction for Ashley of Lil Blue Boo! So many people have been there for me the last few months in ways that would blow your mind! It is time for me to pay it forward.... I want to share what is going on with helping to raise money for her growing medical expenses. Even with insurance, cancer is so expensive to treat and because Ashley's cancer is chemo resistant, she is starting to look to outside sources across the country to kick cancers butt! So Team Ashley has put together a special auction to benefit her! We can't quite share yet, but let me say you will NOT WANT TO MISS this auction! The auction will take place February 27-29 and we have over 70 vendors so far! What can you do to help? Spread the word! We need promotions daily/weekly/hourly if you feel like being a pest to all your friends! Hehehe....Really though! Do you have access to a radio show? Do you write articles for a newspaper/magazine/column? Do you head up a group or are involved in a group for cancer support? Then we need you to share the word! Don't do any of those but have a Facebook page? Share it!
If you are unable to participate in the auction but still want to donate, there are a few things you can do! For only ONE DOLLAR, you can download this awesome Thank You card for your children to fill out when they receive gifts! It's a sheet of 4 cards on it that you can print off as many times as you like...the dollar , 100% of it goes directly to Ashley! The card is made by the brilliant Stephanie Corfee Artist! How awesome is that!
 Or order this awesome hoodie from Evy's Tree
 You can also get your official "I donut-ed" tee shirt and all proceeds go directly to Ashley's medical expenses...

Want to donate but don't need/want any of the above items?  Just click the DONATE button on my sidebar to donate to Ashleys medical bill funds. Any amount is helpful! Don't forget the upcoming auction too! You may find yourself wanting something from there! Please share this post and spread the word!
To read more of Ashley's story, please head to the Lil Blue Boo blog, and look up Cancer Chronicles. You will find yourself, laughing, crying, and transforming your own life all in a matter of minutes! Ashley is an amazing gift to this world and we at Team Ashley are looking to raise a tremendous amount of money to get rid of her medical expenses and also to let her take the time to be with her family but keep Lil Blue Boo going by making sure her employees get paid!

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