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Friday, March 2, 2012

Patchwork Pretties!!!!!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I logged onto Facebook to read a blog post about my sweet friend Shari closing up her shop, Soren Lorensen Design. For me, my first reaction was mixed emotion, as I could hear the finality in her tone and I know Shari will have some amazing adventure to share with all of us of whatever she chooses to do next in her life....I was also sad because Soren Lorensen Design is a 'staple' in Sadies wardrobe! We looooove her patchwork pants, and her quirky designs! So I wanted to share that I sent Shari an email stating that while I was going to miss SLD so much I also am being encouraged by my creativity and the voice behind it, to try my own hand at the patchwork style that everyone has grown to love at SLD! Some may say, that I don't need 'permission' from Shari to do patchworking as she isn't the 'inventor' of the style....but I will say, that in this cut throat world of fashion and especially the boutique circles that Night Owl runs in on Facebook, there is a lot of 'copying' and 'stealing ideas' out there, etc.....at least there is a lot of complaining about it anyways......I have ALWAYS respected Shari's work and let it be "her thing". She is GREAT at it, and myself fully capable of making anything patchworked has always paid what anyone else that couldn't sew the purchase price for Sadies clothes from Shari! It is out of love and respect for her work and her design. With all that being said, I wanted to add in that, I myself have been struggling lately with the direction of my business. I have moved away from the reason I started upcycling, and fallen into the trap of 'what the customer wants' vs 'what I want for my business'. I took a week off, re-evaluated, and got down to work. So I am pleased to say that I have started playing around with a little bit of patchworking on my own, to see if I had that 'knack' that Shari does. I have been pleased with my own creations thus far, and am excited to let everyone know that it is a style that will be added to the shop. I am slowly going to be offering more patchwork styles, while Shari phases out the remainder pieces in her shop..... I hope you are as excited as I am about this new style.....Here are some pieces below that I've created so far!

So I hope you love the patchworking as much as I do. It seriously feeds my soul! The creativity behind it has sparked a huge love for upcycling again! To close out this post, I leave you with all my favorite pictures of Sadie and my son Fallon in their Soren Lorensen Design over the last two years! We will miss your beautiful work Shari!


tricityty said...

I will miss Shari too!! But I love what you have done with the patchwork!! LOVE that last hello kitty!! :)

Jen said...

You have just calmed the panic attack I had over SLD closing! Such cute clothes and what a genuine good artist you are to have given the nod her way. I can't wait! I love all the upcycles but feel left out of quite a few since my daughters school asks there be no "characters" or trade marks. I've only recently found your

Trisha Ashley said...

no need to panic Jen! Glad you found me! I look forward to your daughter owning some Night Owl to show off her unique style and still stick to school rules!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful post! I am also a fan of SLD and while I totally understood Shari's decision, was selfishly so sad!!! Kudos to you for a wonderful acknowledgement to SLD and a genuine respect of Shari's "style" while allowing yourself to explore and express your creativity. Like Jen, I am pleased to see you doing patchwork so I don't need to stress quite so much about SLD closing! :) Look forward to doing business with you! :)