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Friday, January 18, 2013

My quilt is coming along....

Well if youre following along, you have already read my challenge to myself...to make a quilt!!! Wow! I definitely thought I wouldnt have as many problems as I did!!! I have become so accustomed to sewing with knits, these wovens just threw me for a loop!!! My biggest problem I think I was having,knowing how I am, is that I primarily sew for work...I rarely sew for "pleasure"...so when this quilt wasn't coming out perfect, I was having a hard time accepting the little mistakes and accepting it as a beautiful project that was my first quilt! I can tell you if it was one of the first things I had ever sewn in my life I would have been thrilled with how it came out... Anyhow, about 8 blocks in, I ran out of fabric, so it's not quite done but I just got out today to go get the rest of the fabric and so now I can finish this up! I found a place near me that will quilt it too for a very reasonable price! Yay! The first photo shows my solution to my points not matching up... don't cut the whole block down just quite yet! I opted to leave the ends on it, match the points up, then cut the remaining ends off of it to square it up! Totally worked!
This is my layout so far! Remember this is a herringbone quilt not a chevron quilt, so it isn't supposed to look like the beloved zig zag pattern we've all grown to love lately! (excuse these yucky cell phone pics)
So stay tuned to see the finished quilt top!(hopefully in a few days) In the meantime head over to the event and check out all the amazing projects so many people have made with this quilt block! Curtains, bags, dresses, clutches, ottoman covers, the list goes on! So much beautiful talent! Props to all you quilters out there! I gave them all a hard time when I was having trouble with my points, that I was going back to sewing the "hard" stuff...those knits nobody wants to ever touch!!! Ha!!!!! Happy Quilting!

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