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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Carnival Baby Shower!

I just wanted to share some creativity with you all on a baby shower I just had for baby #6 due very soon! I wanted a vintage carnival theme since I have fond memories of visiting the circus with my grandma when I was a little girl! Growing up, I was pretty sure I wanted to join the circus too! Guess this is the closest I could get, huh! Six kids is pretty much a circus in itself! LOL! It all started when I found these invitations! I pretty much made a mockery of myself with them! The amazing expanding (fill in the blank) Family! So funny! I had to have them! Once I had the invitation, I started to have a little vision! I knew it was going to be a small shower and my sister graciously offered up her house despite having a baby just a few weeks before! I found so much fun stuff online including water bottle labels, games, decor, etc! Here is how it all came together!

The tables were decorated with red tablecloths, pieces of burlap, fair tickets and marshmallow peanuts scattered around with little metal buckets of real peanuts! 
Candy Bar!!!
My candy bar included candy sticks, licorice, old fashioned hard candies, animal crackers, gum drops, gum balls, pixie sticks, sugar cookie wafers, salt water taffy, and marshmallow pops! 
My sister and I made the poms that hung from the tree using this tutorial
I had a nacho bar, a corn dog stand,and pretzels! This pic was taken before the food was put out. My food and drink labels came from this shop
Lemonade, paper straws, glass Coca-Cola, and IBC root beer made the drinks so festive!
A very special thank you to my friend Amy Jo for lending us her popcorn machine!  We filled it with popcorn and I got  the plastic popcorn containers to use! 
More pics of the drinks! In case youre wondering what the H is for..thats the first letter of the baby's name!  Water bottle labels were bought here! 
I found this awesome dress online at Target for Sadie! It's a Harajuku mini dress and was so vintage and perfect for the event! Shes gonna be such a great big sister!  Doesnt she just look like she's going to a vintage carnival?! 
Eating her corn dog, and drinking a root beer!  My brother in law also went way out of his way to get this awesome picnic table for the yard! The kids hung out and colored, played and ate at it! Thanks Ed!
No carnival baby shower is complete without popcorn cupcakes! AMAZINGLY EASY to make
Soft Baked Pretzels!! Yum!!
Corn Dogs from Wienerschnitzels! 
I set up a backdrop and got fun photo props!! I think the kids loved it! Here is Sadie with a few of her friends from the shower! They played with the photo booth for hours! 
Guess the Girth! 
Present time! 
Notice the little carnival tent in the background here..and the pennant hanging on the fence!!! Its the little details that count! The tent was filled with color books inside and activities for the kids to play with...it was Sadie size! I rented it from a local girl in Southern California! She has awesome rental stuff and great prices! 
My friend Michelle!
I caught Sadie taking photos of her friends at the photo booth with a disposable camera! She cracked me up how she popped her leg every time she took a photo! So girly!!! Not an easy task with FIVE brothers! 
High School friends!!! So good to see these girls! 
Just four of us...that's only half of my family for those trying to keep count! Ha!
It was a beautiful day and the weather turned out perfect! I got so many wonderful gifts and am so thankful! A little side note...the majority of this baby shower was actually put together with items that coordinated from my local dollar stores! The matching baskets for the candy and food, the decor, even a bit of the candy! Search out your local stores! Search those dollar bins...Michaels had some great circus stuff in their dollar bins I bought that went perfectly! 

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it was awesome, great job Trisha!